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Stargate Atlantis - Press Release

New Stargate Series Targeted for Summer '04 Premiere

SCI FI Channel and MGM Television Entertainment have reached an agreement to extend MGM's "Stargate" brand with a new series for the Channel. Production on 20 one-hour episodes of Stargate Atlantis, a weekly series based on the popular "Stargate" franchise, will begin in early 2004. Stargate Atlantis is slated to premiere in Summer '04, in tandem with the Season Eight launch of Stargate SG-1, exclusively on SCI FI.

Stargate SG-1 centers on the Stargate, an ancient portal that allows instantaneous travel across the galaxy. Stargate Atlantis will take viewers on a brand-new adventure, with a whole new team. In the new series, a secret base left by the originators of the Stargate is discovered in the most unlikely of places -- on Earth, buried among the ruins of the legendary city of Atlantis. The implications of this amazing discovery lead the Atlantis team to a distant galaxy where a primitive human civilization is threatened by a sinister new enemy.

Stargate Atlantis will debut as a two-hour movie event on SCI FI and will feature crossover appearances by select members of the SG-1 team. Following its premiere, Stargate Atlantis will assume a regular hourly slot, scheduled as a companion series to Stargate SG-1 each week on SCI FI.

Stargate Atlantis will be distributed by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution. Brad Wright and Robert Cooper will serve as executive producers on the new series. Cooper is currently executive producer on Stargate SG-1; Brad Wright is co-creator of Stargate SG-1, and served as the series' executive producer for six seasons.

MGM Worldwide Television Distribution handles global distribution of film and television product as well as co-productions for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. Through this distribution unit, approximately 4,000 feature films and 10,100 television episodes are available to the global television market. Its series lineup includes the all-new, syndicated action-adventure series She Spies, the animated children's series Stargate Infinity, the popular post-apocalyptic drama Jeremiah, the critically acclaimed series Stargate SG-1 and The Outer Limits and such original made-for-television movies and miniseries as the contemporary thriller Carrie and the groundbreaking drama The L Word. The company also distributes NBC Enterprises-produced programming in all territories outside of North America, including the series Boomtown, American Dreams and Hidden Hills, as well as the runaway hits Will & Grace, Crossing Jordan, Providence and Profiler. For more information on MGM, visit MGM Online.

SCI FI Channel is a television network where "what if" is what's on. SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 82 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a program service of Universal Television Networks, part of the Universal Television Group, a division of Vivendi Universal Entertainment (VUE), the U.S.-based film, television and recreation entity of Vivendi Universal, a global media and communications company.

Season One info is here: Atlantis - Season One
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